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Mariah Tyes - Retrospectyes

A North Carolina native by way of Buffalo New York, Mariah attended Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts, an Arts Academy school grades five through twelve. Her father, Edwin Tyes Sr. is her biggest influence with photography in her life, and she began at the young age of ten. After watching her father capture their family in photos and home videos throughout her childhood, Mariah began to take photos of her own of friends at school, her family and all her surroundings. Nostalgia is the most important part of photography to Mariah's work, creating something timeless that will live beyond her while maintaining its greatness. Hence Retrospect - Tyes, being the contemplation of the past and present. In 2011, Mariah relocated to Charlotte, NC to begin her business venture, Retrospectyes Photography.

"I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul." - William Ernest Henley, Invictus


Mariah Tyes is a Black Woman Photographer located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She is a US Army Veteran, a full-time student at Fayetteville State University, and Mama to her babygirl, Eden Oshun, plus fur babies Shima & Hershey. She loves to travel and will take any opportunity to do so. 

Spending time with family is essential to the the operation of her photography. "Allowing Eden to be apart of the process is now my favorite part, and it's just been so rewarding." - Mariah Tyes


Her work captures the beauty beyond any imperfections. She has a focus of her work with women, specifically black women that are often shamed for our glistening skin in the sun or our wooly hair. Mariah's art is the pure celebration of unapologetic black love. For oneself and for each other. Allowing women to look as beautiful as they feel, and feel as beautiful as they are; Mariah captures the black woman beyond a hamartia as beautiful as they can be.

2018 was the year of publication for Retrospectyes. With 7 editorial photoshoots accepted in October alone, Mariah has accomplished a long time dream of support and exposure. Keep up with the happenings of Mariah Tyes on all social media platforms. (@_ratedretro)

Honorable Mention: She's SINGLE Magazine(2021), LensCulture Portrait Awards(2021), Vogue Italia online(2018-21), The Fayetteville Observer(2018), Expressions (ECU) Magazine, Ellements Magazine, Ellements Body, Creators Magazine, Solis Magazine, Art of Portrait, AFI Magazine, SALYSE, & more(2018).

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